Camp Development

At Jenness Park Christian Camp, our desire is to continue to update and renovate our facilities to provide the best experience possible. With over 10,000 campers each year, the facilities and grounds get used quite a bit! In an effort to continue to keep the camp in its best possible condition, additional funds are needed above the revenue received from rental groups. Would you consider partnering with us to keep the camp in excellent condition? There are a few ways to get involved financially:

  • Monthly Pledge of any amount from churches or individuals. Donate Now
  • Yearly love offering from a church. Donate Now
  • One time donation. Donate Now

Outstanding Needs

If you would like to donate any of theses items please contact our Director, Barry Lloyd Email (800) 258-7554 Ext. 120

  • 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles: Vehicles for our maintenance staff are critical. We are currently looking for a Ford Ranger (2003 or newer) and 4 wheel drive trucks.
  • Lodge Furniture: Our Lodge furniture sees a lot of wear. We are looking for new and gently used couches and chairs.
  • Cabin Maintenance: Skilled workers and materials to keep the camper cabins in the best possible condition. Areas to be maintained include; flooring, showers, counters, sinks, toilets, mattresses, doors, plumbing etc.

Campus Improvement Projects

Many Christians have had life changing experiences at camp. But what if you can’t get to camp? Your gifts are needed to help complete the paving of the road that provides the entrance to Jenness Park Christian Camp. How do you build a road? One yard at a time. The cost to pave the road is $150 per yard. Without a better road, it will be extremely difficult to serve campers during the winter months. Already, two bus companies will no longer provide transportation to Jenness Park due to the road conditions. This year alone, nearly 300 campers have made decisions to follow Jesus at Jenness Park. God is changing lives, one camper at a time. Help us meet this urgent need, one yard at a time.

Jenness Park Christian Camp

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Jenness Park Christian Camp