Retreat Planning Guide

Thank you for considering Jenness Park Christian Camp as your next retreat destination. If you are planning a camp for the first time we recommend that you read through our Retreat Planning Guide to help you better address your group’s specific needs while avoiding some common pitfalls. At Jenness you will have various lodging and recreation options to suit the needs of any type of retreat. Using the tabs above we will guide you through the various options that Jenness has to offer and help you choose what is best for your group.

Spiritual Preparation

J esus comes first! Before planning a camp it’s important that you clearly understand what you would like to achieve through your camping experience. This makes it easier to communicate with your group and church leadership what exactly they will be getting, while preventing frustration down the road. Take some time to prayerfully consider what your retreat goals are, and how you expect to achieve them.

Retreat Theme and Schedule

E ntering the process of designing a retreat should focus around a clear and purposeful goal. “Intense spiritual focus on a particular topic.” “Building group/team unity.” “Evangelizing non-believers while providing recreational activities.” The message will inform all of your decisions and help you shape a schedule that will have a life-long impact on your group. If you would like us to do the planning for you consider checking out our already established camps that will give you an easy way to jump right into the Christian camping experience.


N ow that you have firmly established your group’s needs you can determine the type of housing, meals, and recreation you will require to meet your goals. A Small Group Lodge style retreat allows you to cook and conduct your group devotions/meeting right inside your lodge, while still allowing you to take advantage of the amenities and recreation opportunities Jenness has to offer. Cabin style lodging in our Gold Rush and Ponderosa Cabins allows you to increase the amount of people that you can accomodate as well as giving you access to one of our meeting room facilities. If your group is over 12 people you can have our kitchen staff take care of all the meal preparation and clean up by providing you a premium buffet style feast in our main Dining Facility.

Promote Your Trip

N ow that the details are taken care of it’s time to promote your trip. Promotion is an essential component of camp planning if you want to achieve a maximum impact. Even if all your campers are part of your church and already on-board, it’s importanat to keep them informed of registration deadlines. Many choose to put on a fundraising event to both promote their trip and raise money.


E ventually you will have to go about securing the financing for your trip. Requiring a deposit at sign up is often a useful tool to keep people committed and on time. Be sure to thoroughly read the contract that you sign with Jenness and contact us if you have any questions.

Enjoy the Trip

S o your trip is all arranged and your date has arrived. Have a safe drive up, and don’t forget to double check our Weatherand Directions pages for any last minute changes in weather or traffic.

Follow Up

S ometime after your trip remember to have a debriefing with your group and discuss the impact that your retreat had. Did you achieve your retreat goals? Connect to those who you reached and continue to pursue relationships with them. Keep in contact via social media if they live out of the area. Also feel free to share you experience with us so that we can better serve all who enjoy our facility.

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